How do you feel today? Moods… by ROCA.

We all love music. Each of us with our own preferences. Some even love to sing in the shower.

If we can’t live without our music and our technological gadgets thru everyday life, why not extend this rich experience to the shower time? Now it’s possible…

Moreover, how many of us hate to see shower gel and shampoo bottles lying around? How many of us hate to worry about the towel being wet or cold or needing to dry or be changed? What if we could solve all these problems with a very minimal solution?

Moods has rechargeable compartments for shower gel and shampoo, with hand sensor technology.

Moods has a body dryer system, clean, effective and ecologicYou’ll never need a towel again.

Best of all, it can be applied and used in any bathroom. It only needs the usual water connections and a simple electrical extension.

Affordable than the old shower and massage cabins, it is also light and slim so that anyone can buy and use it in their bathrooms just as they are. There is no need for specialized, expensive and annoying construction works.

An amazing shower experience just right out of the box.

Moods provides a richer and pleasant shower experience. It’s all about light, sound, water and wind, all in one device, always synchronized with your mood.